How do I begin?

As a Beginner you'll find some useful guides here:


Planting for Bees:

You'll find a list of plants and flowers that are suitable for bees and other pollinators here:

also, see "How Councils can support Pollinators";

feeding bee

 Starter Hives

Each year we try to produce enough nucleus hives to supply all our new members who are given first preference.

If you are thinking of taking up bee keeping contact us and book your bees early. 

Our members have first preference so why not join us. Courses   /  Education  / Membership

 Watch the first 3 weeks of the Bee's life:



What is the Bee's foraging zone?

How far will they travel in their search? First select your country to move the map view to the right place of the earth. Then you can zoom in to where your hive is. To mark a place, click on a point on the map. The map will then center itself onto the point, and circles will be drawn around the point. 

Swarm control instruction, Monthly to do lists, etc are on ourBeginnerspage 

Mentor System

As part of our mentor system for beginners, we have divided Connemara along traditional divisions, South, North and West. Please contact the following to join our mentor system or ask any of the experienced keepers at our monthly meetings to point you in the right direction.

List of Mentors / locations